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Do you have a passion for Africa?

If you have traveled to wild places in Africa or perhaps only dreamed of a hunting safari then you know what it means to have a passion for Africa. I have it too. The scenery and wildlife of Africa and the experiences you have while on safari become some of the most pleasant and lasting memories of your life.

My name is Grafton Cromwell, and I am a licensed taxidermist, wildlife biologist, hunter, and African wildlife enthusiast. Since my first trip to Africa, I have focused my taxidermy studies toward African game species. Specializing in African wildlife and accepting a smaller work volume allows me the freedom to produce high quality, detailed mounts without rushing any stage of the mounting process. I devote the necessary time and attention to each project in order to achieve a detailed re-creation of the animals as they are in life. I also strive to provide a reasonable completion time along with reliable personal service.

In addition to the attention to anatomical detail, realistic mounts that will endure the test of time require quality materials and professional tanning. I use only the finest quality materials to create your mounts, including anatomically accurate forms. All skins will be tanned by Carolina Fur Dressing Company, well known and respected for their excellent tanning of African skins.

Many hunters have experienced the disappointment of poorly mounted trophies. It is a terrible feeling to see your mounted trophy for the first time and know that something is just not right. Common errors include; horns mounted at an incorrect angle, poorly sewn seams and repairs, incorrect ear anatomy and placement, eyes that look in two different directions, paint and putty in the hair, cracked skin around the eyes and ears. . .the list goes on. It appears as if some taxidermists believe that the hunter will never know the difference. I disagree.

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I have collected a large volume of reference materials on African animals and their environments from my own trips to Africa and through books, photographs, videos, and anatomical studies of African game. Having a good knowledge of what these animals look like and how they behave is essential when trying to create a life-like mount. Studying anatomy and learning how to interpret and use reference material are the foundations of a good taxidermist.

Choosing a taxidermist is an important decision. The African game trophies that you collect on safari are the result of much planning, saving, traveling, hunting and dreaming. The best reminders of those great African experiences are trophies that have been re-created accurately and tastefully.

Grafton Cromwell, Taxidermist
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Thank you for considering Safari Arts Taxidermy
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Good Hunting!

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